In an attempt to maintain transparency and keep our members informed about the new post club rooms, I will try and bring you up to date where we are. The Building Steering committee lined up and interviewed 3 Commercial General Contractors along with their architects in an attempt to design and built what will meet our needs.

We have defined our need for an efficient, attractive bar and restaurant, sufficient meeting and storage space and an event space to accommodate weddings, community functions, etc. All the land required for the project, is owned by the City or the VFW or has been acquired by the Developer. The first step is complete.

At the April 15, 2019 special meeting of Post 6208 VFW members were given as much info as was known. With any project this size, there will be challenges and modifications to work thru. Today much more is known and the Steering Committee is working through issues as they appear. In the next couple of weeks a General Contractor / Architect / Kitchen Engineer will be hired by the committee. Drawings will be firmed up along with better costs estimates.

If a mortgage greater than was approved at the 4/15/2019 special meeting is needed to move the project forward, another special meeting of Post members could be called in March or April with 30 days advanced notice. All current info drawings etc. will be shared at the upcoming special meeting, if needed.

Are you interested in providing labor or materials as a sub? Preference will be given to Post members, all Veterans and local contractors to work as subcontractors on the new VFW building. Please submit ASAP in writing your desire to participate, contact information, your qualifications and specialty. Please mail or drop off this info to VFW Steering Committee, PO Box 116, Prior Lake, MN 55372. The entire process is speeding up, so don’t delay. A review will be conducted by the General Contractor and the steering committee based on qualifications, availability to start and price.

Ed Speiker, Post Quartermaster and Steering Committee Chair